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This 1934 issued cigarette card depicts a '34 Morris Minor Four Door saloon which was the LWB version of the Minor. Also known as the Morris Eight, The Morris Family Eight and the Morris Minor Family Four Door Saloon during its 3 year production life. Confused? I bet customers were!

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Minor Musings.

Trevor''s CMS

Trevor Wilkinson painted this study of Roger Lucke's historic Minor CMS Special following a trip to North Norfolk in 2006 as was the study of the editorial Semi-Sports shown further below.

Minor Market Place

Norwich early 30''s street scene

This early 1930's street scene in Norwich shows a Minor Fabric Saloon in the bottom left hand corner. Of course the car depicted could possibly be that of Dutch member Halbe Tjepkema VG2007! I have tried to trace the artist P. Anthony Bromage without success.

If you live in the U.K. and want to know what you should expect to pay for a pre-war Minor, take a look at our price guide. This is based upon recent known transactions and will be updated from time to time. Click on the link above to view the PDF.

Minor Pin Badge

Alister Reid''s 33 Minor Two Seat Tourer

A beautiful study of Alister Reid's 1933 Two Seat Tourer by Terence Cox. Many different treatments shown here but all effective - the Minor is after all a very pretty and paintable car!

Chapman sketch of 29 Tourer

This sketch of a 1929 Reading registered Minor Tourer was drawn by the late Eric Chapman. Postcards and prints of this car and other sketches and drawings from his portfolio can be obtained via the following website:

Fiona Inside page image

Singer Fiona Harrison at Thorpe Abbotts. Photo courtesy of Paul Spence.

VJ Watercolour

This study of the editorial Sem-Sports was painted in water colours by PWMN member Trevor Wilkinson.

Period View.

DH 94 Moth Minor Coupe

The Morris Minor did not have exclusive use of the epithet in the 1930's. The aircraft depicted above is the DH94 Moth Minor. De Havilland built 74 of these machines at Hatfield between 1937 and 1940 (from £575 each) and a further 41 were manufactured for the RAAF at Bankstown in Australia. The version shown above was known as the Coupe.
Another aircraft from the thirties using the Minor name was the Luton Minor homebuilt, which was designed in the U.K. in 1936 - see below.


The car depicted here is almost certainly a 1931 season only S/V Saloon, sporting it's black painted rad souround. Study by artist Roy Chapman.

Olyslager image

This low resolution image was found on the internet but thanks to John McDonald in N.Z. we now know the artist to be Piet Olyslager. The image can be found in his book 'Illustrated Motor Cars of the World' - pub. 1967.

Mines a Minor

I would guess that quite a few Morris Minor owning smokers coughed on De Reszke Minors in the years leading up to the start of the Second World War and repeated the catchphrase "Mine's a Minor".

Special Coupe ad

Found on eBay. A pre-war ad, depicting a Minor Special Coupe to remind customers that Raggs Pharmacy was open on Boxing Day.

CMS Model

Roger Lucke's CMS Minor re-modeled and engineered from a Finecast M.G. M Type metal kit. Level of detail is amazing and includes a comprehensive dash panel!

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