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The Morris Minor is obviously a good subject for painters and graphic artists alike as can be seen from Minor Magazine Page One & the Colour Supplement pages here on this website. Most of the Colour Supplement images were created in the 1930s but the images displayed here & on Minor Magazine Page One in the main were painted much later. Do you have an artists impression of your vehicle or an unusual photograph featuring the car? If so forward your image to the PWMN and they will be displayed here for all to share.

Biggles and the Orstin threat!

Member Clive Hall has successfully written and had published a number of business and self help books. Here he turns his hand to writing a 'tongue in cheek' short story concerning Morris Minors and 'Orstin' Sevens. The story's central characters will be well known to men of a certain age and their exploits will not disappoint. Set in the present day, our heroes may have long been retired but what follows proves that there are no old folks homes built that could contain this geriatic gang of mavericks.To read this mini epic, click on the blue button below.
(Following the success of the 'Orstin Threat' Clive has written a sequal 'Biggles Rocks the Squadron' which has now been serialised and is available via the blue buttons below. He is already planning a Christmas Special and a West End play, 'Biggles Minor Musical'.)

minorbsa 012

Toby Sears acquired a rare 1932 Minor four seater (UX 9251) in the summer of 2009. Included amongst the items that came with the car was this oil painting which presumably depicts some of the places the car has visited whilst in previous ownership. Is that the Blackpool or Eifel Tower and the bridge looks very familar, but the MI Motorway certainly does not, to our knowledge, cross a structure like that!

Biggles takes a trip.

Postcard 1931

A delightful 1931 postcard. Lucky old Morris Minor!

The Driving Lesson.

This short story was also conceived and written by Clive Hall. The storyline providing a glimpse into the future for users of our cars. After all we are just temporary custodians of these small but important pieces of automotive history.

MG Girl Gordon Crosby

Gordon Crosby joined the Autocar magazine in 1908 and continued until his death at the end of WW2. He was an accomplished artist as this late thirties magazine cover image shows.

November 11th

Another poignant short story from regular PWMN contributor Clive Hall, This time his tale records the significance of this date for a greiving father and involves an eighty year old Morris Minor Coachbuilt Saloon!


Written for the 2010 festive season, Clive Hall has woven a suitable short tale about lasting friendships...

The Sound of Silence.

Clive's Easter 2011 offering is an object lesson on why honesty and justice are so closely linked together.

Westover Hall

This 1990's newspaper article provides an interesting insight into a short period of William Morris's life.

Time is Money!

A salutary tale for Spring Bank Holiday 2011, as found in CliveHall's old 'Box in the loft'.

Philip Brunholt 1929 Tourer artwork

This Philip Brunholt 1929 Minor Tourer pen & ink image was found in a 1975 edition of the Morris Register Journal


The 'Box in the loft' provides another gem of a tale first published here in May 2011.

The Legacy

First published on this website in August 2011 'The Legacy' proves that one good turn.....

Barn Find

It's every car enthusiasts dream to discover a beautiful old car in a barn... (First published here June 2012)

Biggles Goes Solo

Magic Maurice

How can an eccentric Uncle help a victim of bullying...?
(First published here December 2012)

The Mistake!

A dark story indeed. First published here Easter 2013.

Bah humbug Biggles!

Biggles doesn't 'get' Christmas - or does he...? Another intriguing Ouija Johns tale.

Biggles Flies Undone Again !

Is old age catching up with our intrepid hero? Ouija tells all in this latest Biggles escapade.

Love me tender

Biggles saves the day!

The OAFs are up to something sinister - Biggles investigates.

The Easter 2015 Biggles offering as recorded by Ouija Johns is now available to read here.

Minor owning writer Clive Hall has his latest work published in late November 2015. By way of a preview a series of chapters will be published here prior to publication. Described as 'random' and 'offbeat' you can judge for yourself by taking a backward glance at a fifties childhood and what followed by reading these excerpts...

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