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That the passing of time should be celebrated at all is a strange irony for we humans, particularly in view of our own mortality and comparitively short life span. That we are celebrating the centenary of a marque that didn't make it to 100 years is perhaps even stranger. However for those of us that enthuse about the products of the late lamented Morris Motors Ltd. we won't let that stop us marking the occassion in our own way. Let's hope William R. Morris would approve of the small global 'nudge' that we are giving to the collective consciousness about the products of his Cowley factory. For without a doubt it is they that we are really celebrating!

The gallery below displays a collection of images taken by PWMN members of their Morris vehicles on the Centennial Day itself, 29th March 2013. The photographers were all tasked with providing evidence in the image that the photo was actually taken on the day in question. Not all succeeded!

Friday 29th March 2013...

Centenary Rally Cornbury, Oxon 15th & 16th June...

Throughout the course of 2013 a number of events were organised to commemorate the Morris centenary, the biggest of which was held at Cornbury, Oxon., where according to Classic Car Weekly over 2000 Morris vehicles attended. The event was planned by Ray Newell of the MMOC and the pre-war Minor was well represented both by PWMN owners and others who bought along their cars. Toby Sears took all but one of these images of Minor attendees at the rally which included a number of cars that were previously unknown to the Network.

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